Important Documents and Certificates

Important Documents and Certificates

Documents and Certifications

Real Estate investment is generally associated with a huge capital investment and the homebuyer should be sure that the property is legal and safe. The most important documents in determining this are – the Commencement Certificate, Occupancy Certificate and the Completion Certificate.

Commencement Certificate

What is a CC (Commencement Certificate)? 

  • A commencement certificate is a primary document before which the developer cannot start the construction of the project.
  • A commencement certificate is issued by the municipal authority governing the district where the project is located.
  • The municipal authority will not issue the CC until all legal requirements are met by the developer, and all the sanctions of the project i.e. the building plan, layout etc. are approved.
  • Commencement certificate is a very crucial document for a home buyer and any home buyer should make sure to see the CC before proceeding with any investment in the project.

Why is CC (Commencement Certificate) important?

  • A commencement Certificate is a permission from the municipal authority to start with the construction of a project.
  • A CC ascertains that the project is verified and approved and hence without seeing the CC investing in a project could lead to purchasing real estate that might turn to be illegal due to not getting approval from the municipal authorities.
  • In case of buying a house in any high rise apartment, you should make sure that you see if your floor exists in the CC that is approved by the builder.
  • The occupation certificate which is received at the end of the project is not received until a valid CC is in place.
  • RERA makes it mandatory to get a CC before construction can begin. RERA registration for the project cannot be done unless the CC is received.

Occupancy Certificate 

What is an OC (Occupancy Certificate)?

  • Occupancy Certificate is issued by the local municipal/ building department authority governing the district where the project is located.
  • The municipal authority will not issue the OC until all compliances for the building are in place and it is ready to be habited.
  • Occupancy Certificate is a very crucial document for a home buyer to determine if the building has followed all norms and regulations and has all the basic necessary amenities that are mandated by the government body.

How to obtain it?

OC plays a crucial role in determining the competition of the project and is very important for the developer. Without OC it is not easy to get water and electricity connections in the building, neither can you avail of deduction in home loans. To apply for OC the builder needs to visit the local corporation or its website where you can get the building applications. You need to submit the application form along with the following documents-

    • A latest Property tax receipt
    • Building Plan Approved copy
    • Copy of Commencement Certificate (CC)
    • Copy of Completion Certificate 
  • Copies of No Objection Certificates (NOCs) of all the necessary applicable boards.

Completion Certificate- 

What is a Completion Certificate?

  • Completion Certificate ensures quality standards and was made mandatory in the Buildings Act.
  • A Completion Certificate attests that the building is made with good quality material and follows all the safety norms prescribed the local authority.
  • The completion certificate will have various details of the project like the refugee floors, height of each floor, quality and grade of material used.

How to obtain it?

  • Completion Certificate is issued by the local building authority after inspections and ensuring that all the norms are met by the constructed building.
  • Part completion certificate can be provided by the builder In case he wants to give part possession or early possession which is valid for 6 months. After which the builder needs to get the final Completion Certificate.

Importance of the Completion Certificate

Completion Certificate ensures the quality of the building along with certain minimum requirements for the home buyer. Some factors that need to be met to get the completion certificate are –

  • Structural design Specifications
  • Layout design specification
  • Building material quality
  • Distance from the Road
  • Distance from the neighbouring building 
  • FSI / FAR (Floor Area Ratio) 

Hence Completion Certificate assures the home buyer that the property is meeting all safety norms and is made with the certain minimum quality and standards.

Commencement Certificate (CC), Occupancy Certificate (OC) and the Completion Certificate are very essential documents for the developer and the home buyer of any property. Unavailability of any of this certificate can indicate troubles and issues relating to the building. 

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